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Learn the secret to find the correct size

Not all sizes are created equal

When shopping online, it can be difficult to know what size to order due to different sizing standards. This is why we started Size & Fit. To make shopping online easy for you, no matter what size you wear. The best way to know what size to buy is to use our size guides!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

two women with different body types sizefit

Shop by fit, not just by size

Your size is your own private business. Don’t let anyone persuade you to buy clothing outside your normal range. Remember, even when you think an outfit looks great on a hanger, it won’t necessarily look good on your body. So if it doesn’t fit in the store, don’t even try it on. It isn’t going to get any better! Dress for yourself, not the world. We promise that once you own clothing that fits and flatters, not one person in a million will ever guess your weight and size.